Meet Amanda


Let me start by saying, I think I'm gorgeous. It's not vanity or ego. I just think I'm beautiful. I know me. I know my body, and my hair, my eyes. The way my boyfriend looks at me and his eyes light up. The way my kids smile when I'm around, and even the way my ex husband resents me tells me I'm gorgeous. Confidence is sexy. So many women say to me "I'd love to do a session with you, but let me lose 20 lbs." No, is my answer. You're gorgeous now. Do it now. Lose the weight? In that time, do it again! Being confident and gorgeous isn't about sex. It's about being vulnerable and brave all wrapped into trusting someone to let you see yourself through their eyes.

That's what all this is about for me. I was the ugly kid for too long. I discovered I was beautiful at 40, and nobody should really have to wait that long. 

When I had my photography studio, for 15 years, I truly felt like an ugly duckling. The swan in me emerged when I learned it really wasn’t about size or ego. I love to make people beautiful. In all the ways.